Cancellation/Waiting List

My schedule is extremely full.  If you were referred specifically to me and only want to work with me complete the form below.  If you'd consider working with my friend and colleague and office mate Matt Marx, LCSW, click here to get immediately scheduled.  He can begin working with you within about 48 hours and you can schedule right from his webpage. GET IN QUICKER WITH MATT 

If you've decided to only work with me and are new, it may be a few weeks before I can get you in. Please note that sessions are $140 cash only. I am not accepting clients with insurance, only self-pay/out-of-pocket (cash only).

If you are already my client and can't find appointments available on my schedule, let me know you're trying to get in.  Fill this out and when I have an opening I will let you know :) 
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